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We help millions of parents get a great education for their children. The Regent Studies offers thousands of printable and interactive worksheets, covering every aspect of the curriculum for students from Preschool to Grade 12.

Regentstudies.com is the digital resource provider of engaging, standards-aligned math, reading, and science resources, including games, worksheets, workbooks, activities, science projects, songs, exercises and guided lessons for Students, Teachers and Schools worldwide.

These are available to our subscribers:

• Thousands of printable & interactive resources
• Weekly English, maths & science programmes
• Topic-focused learning packs and workbooks


We have seen a significant change in how learning online is viewed across the world. In recent times especially, we have seen a quick move over to digital classrooms, due to the challenges presented by Covid-19 restrictions. In contrast to many other schools, Regent Studies is ready, and well-equipped, to maintain consistency in our education.

We are a driving force in the provision of online learning and are far ahead of the curve. We say this with confidence, as our school was not launched as a contingency plan, but instead, designed from the ground up, to provide the best possible learning experience online, and to help children across the world achieve success.

Our programmes are devised to ensure that every individual can reach their potential and enjoy their learning process. Each student not only has their own learning needs catered for, but they can influence the direction their learning takes, by being fully involved in the choice of topics and themes studied.

What makes us different and why choose us?

• All of our lessons are live and face to face with a teacher
• Small class sizes averaging 8-10 students, with no more than 10 per class
• Extensive range of subjects, both traditional and creative
• Excellent pastoral support
• World-Class Teachers
• Weekly group and individual tutorials for all full-time students
• Clear communication with parents, through regular and accessible feedback
• Student-centred and active learning, requiring high levels of participation
• Pace and style of lessons tailored to each student’s needs
• Engaging lessons, driven by experienced and committed subject specialists

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